Got a pitch deck submitting for placement at a big event in Europe. Need someone to critique and offer advice urgently.

Finding a mentor is long and complex process. What do you offer in return to a mentor spending time to review your pitch? Because there is no such thing as a FREE lunch, several years ago I have developed an entry level consulting service for my clients: pitchdeck review.
Please check out my investor pitch review packages, chose that one that is the most appropriate for you and give me a call.

I have been working exclusively with startups and new businesses for over 5 years. This is my full time job (not a side gig) helping entrepreneurs get their business of the ground and get money from investors, so I have seen numerous pitchdecks and business models over the years. Because of that, I am not biased, I can give you probability of raising money with the current deck and work with you to fix the weak spots that everyone has. I look forward working with you.

Answered 4 years ago

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