We are offering an exclusively designed and manufactured promotional product, mainly for Motorsport related businesses and race teams/venues. I have a list of potential targets, tried to email some of them with our product (and how to use them, what are the benefits, etc. but my emails were not read most of the time. I am not the best at phone calls, so I would stay with written conversations. What do you suggest, should I find different kind of positions inside those target companies? Like event managers or marketing managers? I tried LinkedIn as well, not much success.

There are a number of factors that could be attributing to not having much success.

Most likely, it is your messaging. Are you framing everything you say around how your product/service solves the problem your ideal client is facing?

For example, if they are banging their head against the wall trying to coordinate the logistics of moving the team and equipment from venue to venue, does your product solve that problem for them?

Once this messaging is dialed in, I suspect your email response rate will improve, your LinkedIn messages will improve, and your phone call confidence will improve.

If you are just "selling" your product, you will have little to no success regardless of who you talk to or the platform on which you contact them.

Think about how you would like to be talked to if you were them. A cold, out of the blue message from an unknown person is likely to end up in the spam or trash folder. Instead, focus on how you can deliver value FIRST, then interest them in a long-term solution with your product.

I'd be happy to talk to you more in detail about this and give exact steps once I know more about you and your product. Schedule a call and we can get started.

All the best,

Answered 7 years ago

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