We're a B2B video services company that is nearly 100% inbound lead driven. As we grow, it's not enough. Our pricing is 10-20k, so we really only need 2-3 more deals a month. We hired an SDR to prospect and schedule meetings for our Account Exec (who's amazing at closing). The SDR just didn't produce. We are trying ads but haven't cracked the advertising landscape. We've just started investing in inbound/content marketing and need a few months there to see the results. We're working on a referral system to get more from our existing clients. We're avoiding the cost of hiring a baller biz dev guy right now. I feel this is our next best try. Or do you recommend something else?

I'd figure out the SM lead thing first. I helped a company who sells $50k to $200k video packages and we were able to crack the code there. This is going to be your cheapest bet by far.

My second tactic would be to get a list of your dream clients and start working every angle to get in w/ their decision makers. Send them small packages in the mail that are cheap but meaningful (base it off what they like on SM).

I've done this with large 20-60 person sales teams for Fortune 10's when we managed 2800 wholesale accounts and we hit over 200% of our revenue goals b/c we thought outside the box on how to get passed the FOG (front office guy/gal).

Other things I've done with success in this video b2b game was host events, get our clients there, and overwhelm them with great content and then pitch them a kick butt offer at the end.

Ping me if you want...

Answered 4 years ago

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