I own a boutique mobile app development firm based in Dallas. I am looking to find a reliable subcontractor to handle overflow. Prefer an agency. My firm is all Xamarin and Azure (Node.js). We recently finished v1 of our framework and platform - details at Prefer a partner that can assist with development and mobile ops (Azure). Need to speak with someone that is familiar with process and can assist with a connection. Thank you!

Turns out, this is fair not only in terms of love - it also works for business partnership. And the consequences of a wrongfully chosen partner can be harsh for your left singlehanded business. The way you see your concept and business operating, the strategic goals you are targeting - all of these you have in common. Finding a reliable business partner is like finding a soulmate, who is willing to move in the same direction with you. If you and your partner see your product development differently, this will undoubtedly lead to twists, turns and conflicts eventually - so better ensure it is a smooth sale in the same direction before you raise anchor. Your business shares are allocated rationally. Having a contract where all the shares’ percentage is written down is the safest option you can have for yourself, as well as for your partner. In terms of business, this is as true as ever. The thing that makes Waxidea stand out of all the” dating websites” for founders is that it is for any kind of start-up -from high-tech to manufacturing, from local shops to global business.
Venture Storm has two system roles - start-up, where users are looking for software developer partner and developer, so the platform’s focus is mainly put on helping talented software development partners connect with a tech-intelligent start-up. There can be many ways how these events correlate with start-ups - workshops on start-up creation, meetups for mentors, investors, sponsors, partner programs and brainstorm sessions. At these events, you get a chance to network, pitch your idea and get evaluated, which makes it an incredible playground to start out. Though in our interconnected world it is always a good idea to ask professionals or services related - to help you work out the 99.8% partner match. In our turn, hope we helped you figure how to choose the best app development partner.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 2 years ago

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