I hope you are doing great! You are right as a solopreneur it can be hard to stick and accomplish your goals with so much to do...I can relate to that.

In my experience (personal and helping clients) I'd recommend you to answer the following questions:

- Why do I want to get those results?
- Why am I committed to getting the results I want?
- What will I get from achieving them?
- How will it impact the quality of your life and those you care about?

Answering those questions will allow you to prioritize your results...

Once you have them make a plan on how you can achieve them and try to create a systematic approach to them (create a process) and you should review your process everyday.

I would also recommend a coach he will give you other insights and you can review your progress weekly or bymonthly.

If I can further assist you please let me know :)

Answered 4 years ago

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