If you were presented with the challenge to build a marketplace app, how would you go about the process? From writing down the actual concept, high level overview of the structure/classes/interactions between objects, to actually starting to flesh out the code itself. There will be two feeds: One for the Sellers and one for the Buyers. Each buyer and seller will have their own profile. The profiles will be identical except the sellers will be able to add on the services they are selling. Now here is where it gets tricky: The buyer sends a request to the seller that they are interested in their services with the package, a date, and a time attached. The seller receives this as an in-app notification with the ability to accept or decline . If accepted then the money needs to be transferred from the buyers stripe account to the seller's stripe account. It would be great to know how you would go about this. I'm most likely to request a call with whom gives a really useful answer as I'd like to discuss it further. Many thanks.

1. write down the whole process in-depth on both sides from sign-up to transaction
2. Find similar marketplace apps on the app store and pick one that is inline with what you are looking to build
3. Use UXpin to mock-up what you are looking to build using the other app as a guide
4. Then I'd hire and sit down with a designer and let them design it (cost $2K - $10K)
5. I'd go through a few revisions based on a) features that are missing b) user feedback (use Invisionapp for this)
6) Then I'd hire a iOS development to build the app.

Tip: spend a ton of time with the designer to build the app and make it as simple as possible; don't try to boil the ocean and/or skip steps. If you spend a lot of time in the beginning, the developer's job will be that much easier. Gigster seems to be a good place to find high quality designers and developers.

After you have the app built, the hardest part will be to actually get users and transactions. With marketplaces you need to seed/fake one side of the marketplace in the early days. If you focus on trying to attract supply AND demand from the start, you'll never be able to do one very well.

Answered 5 years ago

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