I am putting together a scavenger hunt here in SW Missouri and am trying to figure out ways to convert PGO players into playing our game as well. We have received some great feedback from our target demo, but I am still trying to figure out a few core issues (adoption, platform, structure of the game, etc.) I am looking for an expert to bounce some ideas off of and streamline the project. What would you do to convert PGO players?

Some ideas:
- Have Pokemon stuffed toys as things that are found on the scavenger hunt. Or have them as prizes, or have Pokemon 'currency' as a prize.

- Set up Pokemon 'lures' through the app. They attract Pokemon and are used by businesses that want to bring traffic. You could place the lures at places along your scavenger hunt trail.

- Find a local Pokestop (or whatever the places are called where they Pokemon cluster), and put a sign on a lamp post there advertising your scavenger hunt, and the features mentioned in the list above.

Answered 5 years ago

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