How do you think the lack of keyword data from Google Analytics will affect the SEO industry? Is this going to move more budgets into Adwords and how SEO will validate the ROI of their activities?

This is a great question!

A good SEO should be able to tell you that you don't need keyword data, because for the past few years, Google has been hinting Content, Content, Content. If you haven't noticed, Google is trying to give you more answers in your Search Results without needing any other websites. Perfect example is Airline Flights. If you know your Flight Number you no longer need to even go to the Airline website to look up your flight, just put it into google and it will tell you the status of the flight.

Google has stressed "Content is King" and lots of SEO's just optimize for Keywords, this is the wrong approach, you need to put quality content on your website to attract your potential clients. With google people are empowered to information at their fingertips, make sure your website has the information they need and you'll be awarded with High Ranks for your target keywords.

There are lots of ways to get the keywords people are searching to get to your site, however this is not needed if you are focusing your content to gain rank for the keywords you want / need!

Yes, more budgets are going to get moved to Adwords and Paid Search in General, however this is because companies have focused on the wrong strategies for their SEO efforts.

Create a plan to help give the SEARCHER what they are looking for, and Google / Yahoo will award you with Good Rankings.

My clients haven't seen any sort of decline in Search Traffic because I have set them all up with the proper strategy for success. This is where my 14 Years of Search Experience comes into play.

If you looking for a good SEO plan that will last for years to come, don't hesitate to set up a call with me, and let's get your company on the Right Track !

Answered 7 years ago

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