How do you think the lack of keyword data from Google Analytics will affect the SEO industry? Is this going to move more budgets into Adwords and how SEO will validate the ROI of their activities?

SEO isn't primarily what I do. But I'll share my perspective for what it's worth. You'll want to form your own judgments.

It seems patently clear to me why Google has begun withholding information. By turning off the lights, they'll be able to raise the price on flash lights and sell flash lights in higher numbers.

AdWords will generate more money because -- in the new data vacuum -- it will seem to be a more reliable way to reach relevant traffic.

Webmasters will now be comparatively in the dark. Denied the information formerly used to attract an audience and fine-tune their content to match what consumers are seeking, these same online businesses will now begin turning even more to Google for guidance.

This should lead directly to more AdWords bids.

If I'm wrong, please instruct me.

Answered 7 years ago

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