Hello! Thank you for asking. My name is Humberto Valle, I'm an MBA strategist with years of successful experiences. I'm the guy new business owners call when they don't know what to do for growth.
First off, without any further information I think that the net worth of the founder is irrelevant and can be interpreted as egotistical if is seen as an issue.
The net worth is obviously a good thing to have because a non-profit, like any other new enterprise, requires an initial investment of either a TON of "sweat equity" or bit less of that plus actual capital.
Ok, now to your actual question. You failed to mention who is your market, what's the purpose of the events and what is the outreach you're hoping to engage in - so my response should be interpreted as generic rules of thumb that could apply to any given np...
1. Start with answering the criteria you didn't mention. This will help you generate a good list of possible vendors, venues, partner, and guests for these events. I know you may think that you already know who they are but trust me I guarantee 100% that you don't Right now. At least not to its full clarity and niche.
On niche; have a select group of people, a hardcore far out type of persona that you are targeting. This is important because you want their embrace meant and evangelism and if your message clicks with them you're set as long as you stay true to them and have consistency, and keep just "showing up" so that is obvious that this target, this np reflects the founding group or person.
2. Try to leverage an existing organization, this can be a business, a person, a purpose brand, a city, anything... But it would have to be one that is currently being leveraged by your niche target market... Because the whole point is to have a strategic partner that can give you access to key assets your np needs: space, people, support, exposure.
3. When marketing (in its purest meaning of talking about the np to anyone) focus on the goal, the missing, the difference your np is trying to make through its events. Don't focus on the admin, the financial, the person behind, etc.. That's irrelevant and your Weirds don't care about that. We don't care about that ever, as customers, donors, etc - we never care about that.
4. Craft a story! A story is not a short novel or a made up anecdote of why. A story in marketing is crafted through consistency and congruency of messages through out the website, social media, personal outreach, core values, core benefits, etc... If someone's comes across your ad or your website or banner or flyer.. Whatever it may be - what story will it help us create in our minds? Who of our friends are we going to think about?

I hope this helps you get started with your np and if you have any questions or want to hire me or my team for anything strategy or marketing let me know.
- Humberto

Answered 4 years ago

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