I am a marketing and branding consultant, and I am working with a local SEO agency that is very good (listed on Google page 1 for "SEO (name of city)" in the huge metropolitan area we are in. He is asking me to help him sell SEO to medical and dental marketing agencies. Although I've been on the agency sales side for marketing and branding packages, I've never sold SEO to another agency that is specialized in medical or dental. I'm struggling and it's hard. I think it's because I'm too close to it and have been thinking about it so much. I guess the hardest thing right now is this: there are very few of these agencies to put in the pipeline, so I'm afraid of doing something wrong in my sales approach and getting "blacklisted" right away. I feel that I need to know how to approach these guys before I reach out. Any input is greatly appreciated. And I will definitely consider a follow up call. But I have got to get some sales, and bring some money in to the partnership very soon. Stressful. Thank you much!

From what I understand, you are trying to help an SEO agency sell to other agencies that themselves sell to dental/medical companies?

It's tricky without knowing more details, since this question keeps coming to mind: Why is the SEO agency interested in white-labelling their services to agencies instead of selling direct to clients? It seems oddly specific and convoluted.

However taking the question at face value, I would say consider the following:

* There is likely a very small pool of agencies who specialize in medical/dental. How do you know the ones that do don't already offer SEO services?

* If you can pull together a list of agencies you think would make good leads, the simplest thing to do is just cold call and try to book a meeting with their owner or account director to show how you can white-label your services.

I wrote a blog post about agency lead generation for targetted niches: hope it helps.

Feel free to book a call.

Answered 5 years ago

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