Since, 2007, tried to understand how I can beat poverty and overcome habits that are keeping me there.Started working from home,went into advertising and volunteering to help small companies.All self-employed.Learned reading books and post,attending webinars, networking.Even threw myself into jobs that challenged me to improve my skills.Nine years later, very few successes and still living the struggle.Not sure what to do to break through even took test to see what my strengths are.

This is not the way my friend, you must push the pause button now. Identify your dreams and write them down. Imagine living out your dream. Perhaps your dream is different from the ones above, and you want to be financially independent or build a multi-million-dollar business. Maybe it is having a business where you can determine your schedule or how much time you work this month. Imagine it and write down the details. Ask yourself, “What is keeping me from dreaming bigger than I do now?” Maybe you have had a recent setback financially, or too many things are taking up your precious time. Identify those things that are holding you back and find a way to move past them. Use the tools I provided in part one of this book. How focused are you on expanding your dreams? Describe it in as much detail as possible. Write down every aspect of it. Revise it. Have others critique it. Memorize it. Tell others about it. Revise it some more.
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