Since, 2007, tried to understand how I can beat poverty and overcome habits that are keeping me there.Started working from home,went into advertising and volunteering to help small companies.All self-employed.Learned reading books and post,attending webinars, networking.Even threw myself into jobs that challenged me to improve my skills.Nine years later, very few successes and still living the struggle.Not sure what to do to break through even took test to see what my strengths are.

Have you considered working with a coach? Partnering with a coach is about getting where you want to be in a much shorter period of time. Coaches can guide you through the process of uncovering blind spots by asking powerful questions. We use active listening to help you come to your own conclusions and choices. After all you are the expert of yourself...coaches just facilitate the learning and pathway to your answers.

I would like to offer a call so that you can navigate through what's challenging you and find some clarity to the best next step on your journey.

Answered 5 years ago

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