Looking for a few new ideas. Tactics we use already: + Create a "best of" page + Link to old posts in new posts + Share old posts on social + Create a new related image to share with the post What else should we be thinking about?

Another idea is to repurpose your old content into fresh, new content. If you've got a series of related, older posts, consider putting those into some sort of downloadable pdf (in exchange for email ) that your readers can take with them and then link to the old posts in that PDF.

If you're creating a 'how-to' guide and using older posts as some of the content, make sure to link directly to those posts in the PDF. Head over to for awesome examples of this in production.

Assuming you're running WordPress, you should explore the plugin called Insights from Vladimir Prelovac ( ) to help you connect with older content and media, as well as SEO Smart Links ( ) to help you automatically interlink older posts.

A third option is to fire up Adwords and build a campaign around your old posts. If you're doing this, then ensure that you're funneling those paid-for clicks from Google > Old Posts > call to action to New Post / Subscriber. Capturing new visitors and showing them your great archived posts, then pushing them to new ones has been quite effective for our customers and encouraging engagement.

Answered 9 years ago

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