Until now have only offered hourly or monthly coaching programs, so I'm interested in incorporating my Clarity profile into what I already offer.

I've been in your shoes.

Here's how Clarity has helped me:
1. I meet new people on Clarity who call me, sometimes more than once, then migrate over to my other programs or buy online courses or products.
2. I promote my Clarity page to my existing tribe. What I find is that some people like to talk to me and make sure I'm 'real' before investing in courses or programs that they've been considering.
3. Sometimes when people want a 'quick talk' I send them to my Clarity profile simply to have Clarity take care of the billing, payment and scheduling.
4. Whenever someone asks if I can join them by phone or skype to 'pick my brain,' I respond with my Clarity page link. This derails the free-consulting seekers.

Hope this helps.

Check out and see how I use Clarity on both my main page and on the 'I Need David's Help' tab.

If you want to chat further, just book a call.


Answered 3 years ago

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