We're looking to produce some short clips so our audience gets a better idea of real world usage. Can you advise on any good applications that designers use at this stage to produce these types of videos? Our compositions are produced in Photoshop. Is there a type of prototyping kit for mobile apps that does this? Treading on new territory, thanks for any input!

Why not go one step further and produce something that can actually be used? My team uses our own frameworks to prototype in HTML/CSS, but when you don't have that I'd say the next best thing is ( You can create interactive prototypes to test directly on the device in minutes without code.

If you really need video of interactions, I'm sure you can capture that from what you create with the tool. Even better, now you also have something tangible that you can hand to a potential investor or user to let them experience for themselves.

I'm not affiliated with in any way. Since I prototype with code, I haven't actually used the product yet, but I've heard many great things about it. Hope this helps.

Answered 9 years ago

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