I am working on a SaaS platform and I hope to be able to give customers unique URLs. However, the entire platform is one big system/database, and the URLs would be local-specific. For example, a submitted product for sale in Brooklyn, NY might look like: "" But since the Borough of Brooklyn is my customer, they may want to have their own URL, such as In that case, I would want the URL to be "". How would I support many locations and states, have all the events listed in a single database, and still offer my customers a unique URL? Can you do a rewrite that makes "" be renamed to, and then add (/products/product-name) after it?

This isn't something I've done personally, and I'm not the right guy to walk you through it. But it should be possible. Online I see some public discussion about how to do such things with Microsoft Rewrite and IIS. Apart from URL rewriting, by using host headers, you can even allow white-label customers their own themes.

Answered 4 years ago

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