Please tell your real case study story on the experience with these guidelines : 1.Name of your company or (your client company if you are the consultant) and the main product or services 2.Describe the early stage problem for customer acquisition that the company face before determine what strategy will be use to solve the problem 3.Which strategy had been used and how is the implementation from your journey 4.The end result after strategy had been used ( it's very helpfull if include some data like how much the sales growth or revenue growth on percentage or Nominal Currency)

1. Boise Cleaning Fairy, we sell residential & move out cleans.

2. We had no brand, no clients, no cleaning experience.

3. We wanted more customers. To do this we focused on review platforms that had very little competition. The top Yelp cleaner only had 7 reviews, the top Thumbtack cleaner only had 29 reviews, the top Google+ local page had 50 reviews.

4. After the clean was done, we asked the client if they were happy. If they were, we offered them $25 off to leave us a review on either Yelp, Thumbtack, or Google+ (because me & my cofounder were doing the cleans ourselves, this didn't even cost us anything). The end result is we became the #1 rated cleaning service in Idaho within 6 months and went $0-$10k/mo revenue. And we were only spending maybe $200/mo on advertising.

Answered 5 years ago

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