We want to install some kind of growth hack referral model to our new project similar to groupon - online ecommerce web where users group together and get huge discounts if the goal is reached. Our products are Fashion clothes. We can offer 70% off retail prices. Our thoughts: 1) Let users register with Facebook only. 2) We make a very simple way to invite facebook friends to our website. (don't know how to make it super simple yet) 3) We give a referral link to the user and he can share it for 10% discounted products with his friends. 4) if the user's invited friends buy, we give him additional 10% discount or $30 in cash to spend. Any experienced growth hackers here?

Traditionally, growth hacking describes how online services and tech start-ups gain new users. With a relentless focus on growth, you can develop and run tests, campaigns, and programs that drive more online sales. Follow these easy tips, and you will quickly find the best strategies and channels for scaling your online business:
1. Highlight What Customers Think
Customers love hearing from other buyers about their experience with a product before making a purchase. It makes them feel confident about their shopping decision since they can't handle and examine the online good in-person. Use a tool, such as Yotpo, to add reviews and testimonials to your online store.

2. Write Guest Posts
If your company blog is mainly reaching loyal buyers, writing guest posts on outside blogs can be the key to reaching new customers. By writing a guest post on a blog with a similar audience, you can reach plenty of new buyers who are most likely interested in your brand.

3. A/B Test Your Product Pages
Running A/B tests is one of the most common growth hacks. Through trial and error, you quickly identify what is growing your business and what is hurting it. You can also check out these mobile testing ideas from A/B testing tool, Taplytics, if your online store has an app.

4. Request Shares with Order Confirmations
An easy way to do this is to include a message on order confirmation pages and emails that encourages buyers to share their purchase on Facebook or Twitter. Here are a few strategies for prompting your buyers to share their purchases and spread the word about your business. With more customers sharing their purchases, your brand will be visible to a large number of potential buyers.

5. Send Social Engagement Ask Cards
The more buyers become used to these requests, the less likely they'll notice and respond to them. Customers are excited and happy when their packages arrive, so it's the perfect moment to encourage them to snap a photo and tag your business on Facebook or Twitter.

6. The Personalized Homepage
Personalizing your online store's homepage is a great way to provide buyers that specialized shopping experience. Showing buyers exactly what they're interested in, your homepage will drive customers to make purchases.

7. Set Up a Referral Program
An older, yet still effective growth hack is setting up a referral system. The benefits of launching a program that rewards customers for sending new business are twofold.

8. Cross-Sell and Upsell
Showing excited customers how they can increase the value of their order will push them to make a more expensive purchase.

9. Show How Customers Are Shopping

Motivating buyers to shop with social proof can be more than collecting reviews and testimonials. You can also drive shoppers to make more purchases by actually showing what other customers are doing on your online store. By showing live notifications about purchases and customer support assistance, you are providing online buyers proof of how successful and helpful your business is. Retargeting ads are especially powerful because they highlight the items that buyers are interested in. Seeing exactly what they were hoping to buy, buyers feel driven to return to your store and complete their purchase.

10. Create Urgency to Fuel Sales
By playing into people's desire to be included, you encourage your buyers to make more purchases. An easy way to take advantage of buyer FOMO is to create a sense of urgency on product pages. A/B testing can help you determine the best ways of creating urgency on your product pages. Use an experimentation tool, like Taplytics, to start setting up and tracking your product page A/B tests.

11. Offer Content Upgrades
Content upgrades are additional resources, such as an e-book, within a blog post. With this contact info, you can add the reader to your email campaigns, nurture them through your sales funnel, and eventually convert them into customers.

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