We want to install some kind of growth hack referral model to our new project similar to groupon - online ecommerce web where users group together and get huge discounts if the goal is reached. Our products are Fashion clothes. We can offer 70% off retail prices. Our thoughts: 1) Let users register with Facebook only. 2) We make a very simple way to invite facebook friends to our website. (don't know how to make it super simple yet) 3) We give a referral link to the user and he can share it for 10% discounted products with his friends. 4) if the user's invited friends buy, we give him additional 10% discount or $30 in cash to spend. Any experienced growth hackers here?

Unfortunately, I only see marketing/sales gimmicks and not any growth hacking DNA in what you are doing.

Just because I get a discount, in this day and age, is not enough for me to try you.

What kind of customers do you have. I mean specifically. Fashion clothes...for whom? Babies? Teens? Men in Executive positions?

What do THEY WANT? What do THEY DO?

Do they like to party? then encouraging fashion show parties at home would bring great word of mouth via tastemakers.

What makes your clothes so special (besides offering 70% off retail). Is the only they care about is money? if so, they probably are not really "fashion" people...they are "discount" people. Which means you must address them differently.

Can you get celebrity endorsements? Can someone win a date with one? Can you make someone into a celebrity? Do they aspire to be actors or models? can you get someone in a show or on a set?

What is your content strategy? Do you have a fashion how to show that gathers the interest of your target while selling your clothing?

To growth hack is simple. Ask your customers what they it.

I am happy to help you map out a strategy. Set up a call with me to build a growth hacking map.

Answered 5 years ago

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