I have secured a 6 month trial partnership with a large partner (12M users/$135M in funding) with a 12 month extension if KPI's are met. We provide the company with supply and they provide demand. This is a new venture for the company. Are there any strategies I could implement?

Captain Obvious: "Meet the KPIs."

In addition:

- don't give them the secret sauce, what makes you "you"

- do things they don't want to do

- demonstrate positive ROI.

Keep the details of your technical expertise, how you do what you do, to yourself. That way they won't be able to simply hire someone and duplicate your process in-house.

By doing tasks they find distasteful or outside their comfort zone, you make yourself indispensable.

Clearly show, in measures they give you themselves ("If they say it, it's true; if you say it, you have to defend it"), that your efforts have brought in new revenue, saved them money, or both.

Finally, ASK THEM. Get them to clearly state under what circumstances they would declare continuing to work with you 12 months from now a "No-Brainer." Don't leave it fuzzy.

If you want my help with this, book a call to discuss.

Answered 4 years ago

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