Hi all, We have just started a new website, and are finding it difficult to drive traffic there. What strategies have you found, on a shoe-string budget, to drive traffic and new users to your site? Further, how did you get them to sign up to your site? We believe we are offering a service with huge value (and free) - we just don't know how to get people talking about it! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Regarding traffic, it depends on where your target market its, what resources you have already with your personal accounts, and what you're most likely to implement on a consistent basis with your limited time and resources.

In terms of "sign up to your site" I'm guessing you mean sign-up for your email list. Again this depends on your audience, but it can be something simple, like a video or pdf as long as it provides value and your message touches your target on an emotional level. This may take some testing a tweaking and you won't know until you get enough eyes on your opt-in to see if it's working.

You said your offering a service that is free, but it's also a business. Money has to come into play somewhere. To get people talking, help them with their problem. Send me a message and I can send you a link to a service that runs $1 a day that may be of help.

Answered 5 years ago

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