Hi all, We have just started a new website, and are finding it difficult to drive traffic there. What strategies have you found, on a shoe-string budget, to drive traffic and new users to your site? Further, how did you get them to sign up to your site? We believe we are offering a service with huge value (and free) - we just don't know how to get people talking about it! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Develop a good sense of who these type of users are... you might find that they congregate on Twitter - therefore you should focus on building a good following there.
Maybe your demographic doesn't use social media in which case you have find them in person and find the common places of where online do they go to when 'online' and or what do they subscribe to.

Local listings are also a big help when wanting to leverage google searches in your area, obviously good SEO.

Facebook groups could be a good place just as meetup could be... but depending on your target market.

Answered 5 years ago

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