I have a low GPA even though I studied very hard for my exams. Could this possibly mean that I am not intellectually cut out for entrepreneurship since I can't even perform well in exams and academics?

I can totally relate to this. I also own a few businesses and I can tell you that the answer is No.

This is a really great question because I think a lot of people are asking it consciously and subconsciously. Unfortunately for a lot of people (myself included at one time) the answer is yes, and it holds them back.

Growing up I was an average student at best. I remember feeling frustrated and demotivated because I couldn't perform as well as my peers. What this resulted in, was me thinking I was stupid and, I had every reason in the world to come to this conclusion because, "the grades didn't lie." Through all of that I found a way to graduate and settled into my first job out of school. I immediately started to identify things like problem-solving, creative thinking, and honesty as things that traditional grading never tested for. I found myself outperforming my peers and quickly realizing that I had fallen prey to a system that valued knowledge over hustle and intuition.

The reality is that to be an entrepreneur your business cannot and should not be fully dependent on you. If there's an area of your business that you don't feel confident in, then you should to find someone who is great at it and learn from them. But I can promise that if you're willing to be coachable and work hard, you be can a successful business owner.

Happy to chat in more depth about my personal experience.

Best wishes to you! The world needs more successful businesses.

Answered a year ago

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