I run a fundraising consultancy focused on grantwriting for nonprofits. I am exploring project management software that my team can use to manage all of our deadlines for all of our clients (and potentially to foster collaboration between my contractors, who don't see each other). Below are the resources that my assistant has identified. Do you have experience with any of these? Or do you have any recommendations for services that we might use? Thanks in advance for anything that you can offer! In partnership, Jeremy Gregg Managing Director ------------------------------ I have been looking at a few options in hopes of finding one that could track where we are in the grant writing process as well as the variables that you may need for managing your contractor and Alex may appreciate for billing. And of wanting to keep it budget friendly too! Each of these offer opportunities for group collaboration, interact with other software (like DropBox or Google Docs), are pretty user friendly and have free trials. As I am not sure the full scope of what we wish to do included my favorites below. I also noted cost. For some I think that we could consolidate users by doing a Last Pass or Dashline share but I also am not sure if that would allow for the full scope of accountability. In alphabetical order - need your thoughts on what is priority in order to determine a "best fit". BaseCamp - $29 per month (internal) and $79 per month with client share. To Do lists Message boards Online Chat (and pings for individual conversations) File storage and organization Scheduling Automatic checkins Notifications Reporting Project Manager - $20 per month for team of 10 with client logins Task Management Charts Time Sheets Workload Tracking Calendars Gantt Charts Online Chat Smartsheet - $10 per month basic plan or $15 per month per person for teams of 3 or more. File Sharing Alerts & Reminders Gantt Charts Calendars Reporting Resource Management Please let me know your thoughts. There are others out there but these seemed to have the best features for the value.

Just seeing your post now - We use Insightly. It is a little $$$, but it is great as a CRM for lead and opportunity flow and project management and task management. We did use ASANA for a long time. However, it was missing the CRM element that we needed to round out the project management element.

Answered 2 years ago

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