Would love thoughts on increasing the perceived (or value overall) Example: packaging, 24/7 customer service, celebrity or expert endorsement.

Think about the entire sense of the product that the consumer gets, this includes your website, what you sound like on the phone if/when they call, your logo, the packaging of your product, etc. These are all relatively small things that you could tweak that would have a disproportionally large effect on perceived value _if_ everything is done right.

Another easy move is to release another similar product at a higher price. The more expensive version should have extra features, but don't think that hard about it, it's more a placeholder which allows people to see the true value of the more affordable version.

Note: with both of these tactics (and others), the goal is not to trick, it's to get a product that is genuinely valuable to the user at a fair price for the value they're getting. Perceived value is real value, and it should stick with the user for as long as they own/use the product, just like a more 'tactile' feature would.

Let me know if you'd like me to give you feedback on your overall product's perceived value and how to greatly improve it,



Answered 5 years ago

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