I am looking for something detailed and easy to follow: ie. day 1 do this. day 2 do this. and so on.

Day 1:
--- Set up analytics to you can track how successful each of your attempts is. This will allow you to choose which to focus on and optimize. Use freemium services to make it easier
o Popcorn metrics (to define what to track) connected to Mixpanel (visualization of data)
o Learn how to use Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs) so that you can better distinguish which of your methods are working best in later steps.

--- Start trying to define the 'persona' of your customer. This will help you in the next steps when you think of ways of getting them to know about your product.

--- Learn about and get set up for a 'drip email campaign' which you will need on Day 3. You could use MailChimp.

Day 2:
--- Start trying different methods for telling potentially interested people about your product.

--- Ads
o Google adwords
o Facebook

--- Engage with communities
o Online
= Twitter
= Facebook
= Youtube
= Blogs / news sites
o Offline
= Meetups
= Television news

--- Think up other methods to try. Anything that somehow describes your product to those that would likely want to buy it

--- Get as much contact info as possible. As people land on your website, even if they don't buy anything, you should be collecting email addresses from as many as possible.

--- Watch your analytics data in real time as much as possible (using Mixpanel), especially right after starting to try something new.

Day 3:
--- Analyze your data and start working more on the promising tactics.
--- Start working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site. The basic stuff can be done quickly, but to get it to work well takes time.
--- Start your 'drip email campaign' with the emails you've collected (and continue to collect) to stay in touch with your potential customers about your product.

Answered 5 years ago

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