If Product A & B are identical, what can be a reason that Product A sells 5x more than B successfully? I love button up short sleeve shirts, I usually buy them at $15-$30. I came across one I loved, but it costs a whopping $85...

Imagine your best friend is arrested for a crime you know they did not commit, if convicted, they would be sent to jail. You need to hire a lawyer. The lawyers have the same level of experience. The only difference is the price. One is $50/hour, and the other is $600/hour. Which one do you choose? Most people would want the $600/hour lawyer because they are perceived to be higher quality and it gives you the piece of mind that you are doing everything for your friend. This mindset is the same when people buy shirts, food, cars, or services. A cheaper cost leads people to assume there is something wrong with the product.

Answered 6 years ago

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