The company is a supplier of carpets. Most of the sales are done with wholesale, but there is a lot of work being done via webshop on e-bay. Now, the issue arises as it happens often that the goods from the webshop suddenly run out-of stock and the customers are let down. We still don't use any software for tracking but are slowly moving towards that modernisation. In the meantime, what do you suggest?

Hi, I am a business performance expert with over 25 years of experience doing this kind of work you are asking for.

If your systems cannot keep your online store stocked, and your customers are leaving, you have a BIG problem that threatens the existence of your business.

We live in a world today where people want what they want NOW and not later. They won't buy if they can't get it NOW.

Automation of your inventory management is a must or you will lose business. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but in the world of internet sales, customers pay by the click and if they are not clicking, you need to react FAST!

I suggest you automate and properly stock your in demand merchandise or you will not have a business in the very near future. If you need to finance the right information system, I suggest you get on it right away.

Good Luck!

Answered 4 years ago

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