The company is a supplier of carpets. Most of the sales are done with wholesale, but there is a lot of work being done via webshop on e-bay. Now, the issue arises as it happens often that the goods from the webshop suddenly run out-of stock and the customers are let down. We still don't use any software for tracking but are slowly moving towards that modernisation. In the meantime, what do you suggest?

Great, I recently worked with a non profit who sells Pashmina shawls from kashmir on ebay and also to European suppliers (wholesale). Luckily they were using magento kind of platform that offers multiple customer account types (for wholesalers and retailers).

This is an integration question. How do you integrate your ebay selling event to your inventory (inhouse / cloud) systems.

Option 1 - Hire a freelance and build a hook using EBAY api -
OR 'Out of stock API

Option 2 - Wait for Zapier web hooks. It is in their wish list.
Option 3 - Some scraping hacks :-) Not the best way but definitely a TACTICAL way to see if th product is in stock on not...

Option 1 is the neatest one and scalable.
Are you using a online/saas product for your wholesale business.. Just curious ...

If you need any help in implementations/online-presence strategies..let me know. Happy to speak !!

Answered 4 years ago

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