I started 6 months ago as the hands on approach to outsourcing. I would love some outside opinions on ways to improve the site.

Some quick suggestions/impressions:

One of the first things I would look at is the site loading speed. It took a full 3 seconds for anything on the page to render for me - and that is longer than most people are willing to wait. According to Pingdom (!/ee2ouY/, it takes over 7 seconds for your page to render even though it is only 1.3mb. Your sever response time is pretty slow, so if you are on a cheap shared account at Bluehost you may want to consider bumping that up to a more robust account, or a better host all together. Google uses speed as a ranking factor now, so this is an important one.

Next, I would work on more of a 'wow' factor on the home page. Get some 'lifestyle' images and create a professional hero image that engages the potential client. The icons and gradient background image just isn't cutting it. Spend a couple hundred bucks on a graphic designer to create these for you if you don't have the resources in-house.

Your video is shaky and not really professional looking, which is hurting the impression people get of your company (at least it would for me). You don't really want your couch, wine bottles and peanut cans in your professional videos. Hire a professional to film them for you, or invest in some tools (cheap on Amazon) such as a background, tripod, lavalier mic and lighting. You can get a pretty good setup using your phone for under $250, which is money well spent if that is the first thing people look at on your site. Use software like Camtasia to edit and enhance the videos with your logo, intros, etc. If video is going to be a big part of your marketing, it needs to be done right.

Question - why the extra 'e' in the domain? That is going to confuse people - especially if the domain without the extra e leads somewhere else.

Answered 6 years ago

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