I am looking to hire a data specialist and want to get the right person. I want this person to own all of the data dashboards and be able to build them out, do all his/her own data pulling for the db, while also analyzing what comes back and exposing opportunity. I want this person to be a product person and think about what we can build. Is this asking too much?

Having a lot of experience as a leader of several IT teams I would say that the key traits are responsibility and a strong will to discover how things work.

Why do I put responsibility on top? Because such person will be working with your data, may be with critical or confidential data, and you should be really sure that you can trust in him/her. Moreover, you must rely on him/her that his/her output is right, without any mistakes. Often you do not have any ways how to check such outputs.

Secondly, it is a will to discover. According to me you need a person that widens his/her eyes whenever you come with a problem. Such people are happy to dive into the problem and come up with an analysis and a solution. You need a motivated person that will be thinking about the data trying to get much as possible from it.

Hope I clearly understood your need. :-)

Answered 7 years ago

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