I have been working as a web design freelancer for the last 6 years. All was good, but for the last 1 and half years, I am not getting sufficient projects. I have accounts in UpWork and Guru (paid membership) and bids regularly. While searching internet, I found LinkedIn as good source of lead generation, but unfortunately that has not worked for me. I have used their sales navigator and advertisement services.

We've had our web design agency for the last six years, and I can tell you that when we first started (we're a husband and wife business), I never looked at Upwork or Guru or whatever because the idea of providing highly-skilled, very technical work on professional standards for what would amount to below minimum wage just wasn't palatable to me. I feel those sites are degrading, dehumanizing, commodtize what we do and give false impressions to small business owners that quality, professional-level work can be gained for pennies on the dollar. It's like doing your own dental work or trying to drive a self-built car on the interstate.

I'd recommend you print up a stack of high quality business cards and/or brochures and simply go to industrial parks and office parks and go door to door and just introduce yourself. Be prepared to answer questions of all kinds: why you can't fix their jacked-up Wix site, what is SEO, "I thought all websites were free," and so on. I've met them all: from people debating what a website actually is, to people asking me to teach them how to become developers for free, to drunks who got other drunks to build sites for them at pubs in exchange for beers.

But "hitting the pavement" is still one of the best and more economical ways to get out there and promote your business. But as I said, be prepared in advance to answer every type of question possible, discuss pricing packages, hosting, fixing broken sites, etcetera.

Answered 4 years ago

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