I think your question is not specific enough, which is why the answers go in 10 different directions. All of them have good things in them though, depending if that was what you were really asking for.

Here´s some things you need to clarify (for yourself, really):

1) What type of pitch are looking for, i.e. what format (1-Sentence, 1-Minute, 5-Minute, ...), but more importantly: what´s the TARGET AUDIENCE for the pitch? Do you want to pitch potential customers, investors, partners, ...? Only if you´re pitching customers will the pitch be anything resembling the tag line (which is always targeting customers). If you´re pitching investors, that pitch has nothing to do with the tag line.

2) What´s the GOAL of your pitch? (this is one founders always forget!) Your pitch is never just "your pitch", it has to change a lot depending on what you want to achieve and who your audience is.

Other than that I agree with the statement in one of the answers: the resources are a starting point at best, you really need to check with the target audience if they get the pitch and if the pitch gets them emotionally. There´s 100 "formulas" out there, but the challenge is to find the formula that´s right for your business. People always tell founders to find a comparison to an existing startup, which can be great if it works, but it rarely works. Seen too many "Uber for Spaghetti"s to still recommend that to anyone. ;-)

Answered 4 years ago

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