There's still a music industry?

Sorry, couldn't resist that initial snarky answer. I was a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer in the '80s in San Francisco, and every year since I got out, the "industry" has been shrinking - at least for everything below the level of top-flight, international labels. I agree with the other respondents, your first focus should be on defining exactly who your audience and customer base is.

And there's the rub for the "music industry" - finding a group of people who will spend money to enjoy, make, learn, or collect music these days. Now that every phone is a tape recorder and video camera, and every laptop is a 48-track recording studio, and the price of picking up or creating new music has essentially dropped to zero, the hard part is finding a market where money is actually exchanged for something - anything! - in the music world.

If you have figured out a way for somebody to make money related to music - make sure you put THAT part in your pitch, because that is the equivalent of a unicorn in today's economy, and will attract investor attention.

As far as resources, many people in the naming business also work to develop taglines and other promotional writing - sometimes called "verbal branding". Take a few calls with people who specialize in "branding" on Clarity here, and you will find people who are used to developing the super-concise, action-packed lines used for taglines and pitches.

Another type of professional you might talk to are people who write screenplays, because they are not only experienced at writing compact, evocative language, but they must also constantly create "loglines" for their work, where they are essentially tasked with shoe-horning the entire impact and feel of a 2-hour movie idea into a single sentence, for promotional purposes. That's perfect training for creating great pitches and taglines.

Answered 4 years ago

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