Firstly, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to divide the sales made within my Wordpress site amongst 4 different parties in a particular order?. These features use WooCommerce Product Vendors and AffiliateWP suite. 1st - User Rewards: User would receive 1-2% of product cost as store credits. 2nd - Product Vendor would receive whatever commission (80-90%) he/she is set to receive from the product's sale. 3rd - Affiliate whom recruited the user that made he purchase would receive a commission on the site's portion of the product revenues, NOT the total sale price. 4th - The remaining revenues would then go to the site admin. Secondly, can the commissions for each product type be defined differently? Using the AffiliateWP - MLM Ranks plugin I will be able to set different ranks and commission amounts for each rank. I am attempting to figure out a way to have a specific product category have a "base" commission and the affiliate making the referral sale would then receive a commission according the the rate specified by his rank.

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