I am creating a simple service company in Plumbing and Service market, local in Los Angeles, with ready business to be inherited by parent companies. I want to see if I can utilize a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for acquisition of a small, or multiple, operations. We have good return and yield, licenses and we can capitalize, but we would like to test this method for a larger upcoming project.

There are several platforms to help you.
Kickstarter: The company has helped 15 million artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators raise $3.7 billion to successfully fund more than 143,000 projects. It is an all or nothing situation with funding as you have to meet the gal you set within the allotted time or everyone gets their money back.
Crowd Supply: Their mission to “bring original, useful, respectful hardware to life” has come to fruition with 70% of its launched projects being successfully funded. You can choose from a variety of Crowd Supply payment plans. Features differ per plan and include campaign management, media asset creation and a dedicated PR team.
Crowdfunder: Join Crowdfunder to connect to a community of 200,000 entrepreneurs and investors. This community offers equity crowdfunding which means that entrepreneurs to sell shares of their company to accredited investors.
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Answered 4 months ago

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