Hey guys - thanks for the great answers. Looking back, I worded this question really poorly.

Here is an example of the unique methods or hacks I was referring to....

1) Something I call the Barnes & Noble Hack - I needed to build a list of enterprise sales targets with titles like "Director of Innovation" or "VP of Collaboration". Since those titles are non-standard, they're tough to find.

So a unique hack I figured out. Find books on innovation, enterprise collaboration, etc. on Amazon. Go to Barnes & Noble and flip to back cover. Books are usually blurbed by execs with these titles. (VP of Innovation at HP, etc.).

This allowed me to make a spreadsheet - target list of the right customers and it gave me something to open the conversation with (thanks for your blurb - I also loved the book.....etc.)

2) I've met a lot of the same people by holding a quarterly event. Then the initial ask is not one to demo my startup, it's an ask for them to be an expert panelist on my event (discussing big brand / startup partnerships). As the host, I get to develop relationships with the execs. Then later on (they've all loved being on the panel), it's a warm intro to talk to them about a demo.

I realized after posting that my question wasn't worded to elicit those types of answers. I'm sorry about that and I appreciate the responses.

Answered 7 years ago

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