I'm in the international shipping service, so at the end of the day potential customers usually are looking for the "lowest shipping rates", and I'm sure they view my services just as a "commodity" because if they don't like my "shipping rate prices" they can just go to one of my competitors. I don't want to play the "lower my prices" game to beat my competitor's pricing because that will just end up thinning my margins and putting me out of business. I've read some competitor customer reviews online, and I see people had bad experiences with customer service, their items handled poorly, shipping delays, lost packages, etc. So I try to increase my perceived value by stating how we do all these things better and customers won't have these same issues with my services, but maybe it's still not enough because all potential customers care about is the "lowest shipping rates".

Branding. Present yourself as the glossier, clearer-spoken, upscale, trusted option.

I'd emphasize 4 aspects:

(1) Brand Name / Domain
(2) Written Copy
(3) Visuals (website graphic design, print media)
(4) UX / UI (website layout / functionality, mobile app)

I can help with the first two.

You may think this is all voodoo. But, in practice, most people don't really shop around to check each and every price tag. We're not that thorough. Midway through, we settle on something that seems fair-priced and trustworthy.

Which company do we choose? A brand we recognize or which seems reputable. How can we tell? Name. Pictures. Text. It's a snap judgment. We care about our time. We want to avoid risk. Provided the price isn't egregious, we go with the 1 that appears like a safe bet.

Don't know what domain name your website is using. If an upgrade or rebrand makes sense, then we can it over.

Also, if the written copy on your landing page, in ads, or brochures is weak, then we might take a look at it.

Answered 4 years ago

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