I have about 2000 sq ft of space in downtown Vancouver from an old start up that failed. I'd like to turn it into a co-working space but I'm not sure what sort of marketing channels I could use to make this a reality. Already have a website and tables. I have used Craigslist but it has not proven to be very effective.

Marketing your co-working space is no different than marketing any other product or service. You need to communicate the value of the space to your target demographic.

A general marketing principle is to give people a taste of the product or service that makes them want to come back to buy the whole thing. What does that look like for your co-working space? Getting people in the door.

WeWork (a chain of co-working space valuations, whose valuation is now $10B) came up with a brilliant answer to getting people into their co-working spaces. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, is allowed to use WeWork spaces to host an event for FREE, as long as they thank WeWork for hosting the event. This sounds absurd, but it gets people in the space. Every single person who attends these events sees the beautiful co-working space and all of its benefits. They can imagine themselves working there.

That's powerful.

Hope this helps! Happy to help you brainstorm other marketing hacks to get your space off the ground.

Answered 5 years ago

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