I have done all the keywords and seo but still seems to be wrong. Whats the effective and easy way to go about this. Google analytics classes seem so hard to understand.

Your SEO and key words aren't the problem.

Let's assume that you did your homework right and you selected the appropriate keywords and the appropriate channels... Once they get to your final link destination of choice you have to get them to do what you want.
For example, a bounce rate refers to the first home landing page of a website. If you cannot get your visitors to navigate to other parts of the website (aka other pages) your bounce rate will be high.
What you need to do is do your homework on how to properly design and create copy for the website or hire people like us to help you do that for you. Is a matter of tweaking, like having a/b test pages to see what works... You have to continuously have the right content for the same targeted audience as you "walk" them through your sales funnel. If your copy/value prop is not coherent and reinforcing at each step you will lose them.

Answered 5 years ago

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