Reading between the lines, I'm deducing that your question is about domains: should you go with the tried and true .com (which would require hyphenating the business name) or take a bit of a risk on the newer .expert?

Those are reasonable questions. But as Humberto points out, they're not the questions you should be asking. The real question is: Why are you opting for a generic name -- which could be used by any expert site, not just yours -- instead of crafting a name that highlights what's distinctive about your offering (live video)?

I recommend that you go back to the beginning and write a detailed naming brief. (See this post for tips: Then put yourself in your hypothetical user's shoes: what makes your app special, memorable, recommendable? See what vocabulary comes up as a result of these exercises.

If you still need help, schedule a Clarity call to talk about the naming brief and creative directions.

One more thing: "Askan" does not look like "ask an." It looks like the name of a distant planet or a made-up language.

Answered 6 years ago

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