Founder would be the term if you started the company from the start Apple would have been started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Microsoft founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen,

Walt Disney would have founded his company in his own name

As a start up head the title of Founder can help with you find investors and funding the main drawback is that if you list yourself as a Founder,it will show that you are in the early stages of your business and therefore can be perceived as being a risky or potential high risk prospect

Tim Cook of Apple or Steve Ballmer of Microsoft,Robert Iger and Michael Eisner of Disney are examples of the role of the CEO and they have a much greater responsibility to the whole business operation

You would have to demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge and experience to be holding the position of a CEO within the company and with all the necessary capability of what that means

Also does your company have a CFO Chief Financial Officer, CMO Chief Marketing Officer and other senior Executive roles that need to be listed as well

There is a large difference in being a Founder and a CEO
and the different responsibilities involved in being a start up and the actual CEO role of dealing with the hands on operation of the company being answerable to financial institutions,regulatory bodies,employees,the wider community and also with the greater social responsibility concerns which comes with the CEO role

Answered a year ago

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