I own a small corporate housing company. We provide fully furnished apartments for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Currently using Airbnb, Booking and Craigslist ads to find guests/ tenants. How do I research which way is best to reach out to people?

I noticed that your question may have not been answered. Correct me if I am wrong, but you ask, "HOW DO I RESEARCH" which way is best to reach out to people.

I consider what you are doing full-blown real estate advertising myself and the bottom line is you can never list in too many places.

The way you research is by asking every single prospect "How did you here about us?". This simple question is done with your original phone call or email.

I will get a call and someone will ask what is the price or is this a two bedroom etc. and I turn the question around and automatically pull out my lead card and say, "Thanks for calling and I can answer that or those questions, but help me out a little here, please. How did you hear about our service, our property, the fully furnished unit etc? On my lead card, there will be all the places I advertise. Mark what they say. The results will be your research. You might be surprised at the results.

There are many ways to advertise and what you have listed are great, but until you know what impact you are having with these specific companies it may be smart to keep them in your rotation of ads.

I'd also suggest another option in advertising your units. You must have a searchable domain versus a brandable domain. Let me explain. A brandable domain is Geico, McDonalds etc. We know what they are selling. A searchable domain would be,, A searchable domain is one that includes the terms that someone would search for on google. They are normally pretty long, but I've had excellent results in my business doing this type of websites with domains like this.

I've actually made a business out of it and I create domains for people in specific locations at an affordable price. We then take the domains and make Wordpress based website because Google indexes blog type websites faster than regular php, html websites. I tested this theory for many years and currently run over 40 websites just for my real estate activities. I get ALL of my leads this way and it has given me more time to do other things.

I'd add a housing quote button to the web page that allows them to input what the need, when they need it and then a form is sent to you once they submit it. Your website will give plenty of pictures and information all under the searchable domain.

Just think of the terms someone would use when searching for a place that you have. If it's in Dallas someone may put in the search bar, "best short stay hotels in Dallas", The key word here is short stay. Your domain must have that word. What if they type best temporary housing in Dallas. Key phrase is temporary housing. Then you play with it in may ways. Write down 20 versions and then start the process of elimination. Once you have your top five produce the website. Find a student to instlal wordpress if you don't know how and pay them under $100. You might be able to find someone for $20. Learn about wordpress because it's super easy to navigate and get started. Learn about different plugins as well.

Last and final suggestion is consider contacting apartment locators in your area if they exist. You will pay them a fee for the assistance, but you will keep your properties full.

Just for the records I've managed over 1 billion dollars in properties since 1986. I've personal owned and rented out corporate units in Dallas in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I understand that business very well.

Once you do your "Research" focus on the top ten places to advertise. I don't know if this was mentioned or not, but you can also advertise on, zillow, hotpads and many others. Some are sydicated so you input in one and they post in others. Postlets as well is another source. I could literally spend another hour writing on this subject because it's my world, but if you do have questions let's talk. Cheers.

Answered 6 years ago

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