I own a small corporate housing company. We provide fully furnished apartments for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Currently using Airbnb, Booking and Craigslist ads to find guests/ tenants. How do I research which way is best to reach out to people?

Great question.
Hi! My name is Humberto Valle, I'm an MBA growth strategist coach with years and exceptional experience.

Your dilemma is not necessarily pricing, Airbnb might be a good place to belong but also consider that your ideal companies won't necessarily be looking for a nightly deal. Even if that is how you structure the rentals)
Have you heard the term growth hacking? Well I'm not gonna sit here and tell you is a magical engineering solution that only programmers can pull off. The idea of growth hacking as we have established can relate to any measurable marketing approach. For some this might even be flyers. No joke!

Flyers is not your solution tho. It seems to me that you need a set of databases set up enabling consumer search results. One approach to this is the 1800 flowers database model.

There's a website listing with many server generated domain hosted websites linking back and forth to a single platform (yours) giving you higher search results regardless of geo. area. Granted this approach is not accomplished over night, we are talking a ou configuring a server that can pull/push content and create websites on demand sort of speak.

You obviously need to be in relevant social media platforms such as Airbnb, Twitter for customer support, and Facebook for reviews.

I don't see companies giving reviews on Yelp, so I'd stay clear of that one. It can work against you.

If you like to chat more give me a call, id love to help.

Answered 6 years ago

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