Has anyone built a system that rewards employees based on how they generate value for the business? the best system I've seen so far was done through salesforce for a marketing and sales team, so every team member had a dashboard with a tangible goal and it didn't matter how the goal was achieved, and I think that worked great because I think very few smart people like direction or to be managed (I'm not talking about coaching). In my case this changed completely the way I worked, so instead of my boss telling me what to do I had complete control of my strategy, and for the first time I stopped caring about vanity metrics and I increased their leads in 300% (I was doing digital marketing). How are google or other companies doing this? Can it be done for other teams that are not marketing? i.e how to tie a new feature one developer is responsible for value generated? Can we tie UX metrics with revenue?

Balance score cards are a good way to create goals for the organizations and translate in into tangible ASKs .

If the purpose is to increase the bottom lines by 5% , you can break it down to
- Customer success Team - increase retention by 7%
- Technology team - reduce operation cost bt 10%

The percentage can be broken down into specific measurable tasks and be passed on the manager to reportee to the last man on the line.

Meritocracy should then be based on target % completion

Answered 5 years ago

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