Has anyone built a system that rewards employees based on how they generate value for the business? the best system I've seen so far was done through salesforce for a marketing and sales team, so every team member had a dashboard with a tangible goal and it didn't matter how the goal was achieved, and I think that worked great because I think very few smart people like direction or to be managed (I'm not talking about coaching). In my case this changed completely the way I worked, so instead of my boss telling me what to do I had complete control of my strategy, and for the first time I stopped caring about vanity metrics and I increased their leads in 300% (I was doing digital marketing). How are google or other companies doing this? Can it be done for other teams that are not marketing? i.e how to tie a new feature one developer is responsible for value generated? Can we tie UX metrics with revenue?

ughh this is a big hairy question for many businesses and from past experience consulting, it's going entirely succeed/fail based on your specific business & it's existing operational behavior / employees comfort level in adopting new tools. Integrating across existing software/tools is always the problem here, and is almost what kills every effort in improving one's business systems(sales/biz-dev optimization in your case); There's so many team/project management services online it'd be pointless to list without knowing more about your existing systems & business size/stage with employees. HOWEVER, to end on your point of 'value for the business' as opposed to the bias raw REVENUE creation being attributed to each employee: sounds like you want/need a simplified way of logging events in which are abstract in value but could at the end of say each week/month be reviewed/curated/compiled into understanding metrics/tags/categories for a manager/CEO to review within each department/employee/manager... quantification is what really hurts this as all businesses are complex in their own specific value offer/delivery, so all I can think of to end on is: let each level of management comment/tag/note their own interpretation of the 'quantified or tagged' value be it $10, 10k, or satisified customer, repeat buyer, new bizness market identified, marketing opportunity identified, social media result(hearts, likes, retweets, etc); Hope that helps

Answered 8 years ago

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