Our startup company is developing a sensor prototype that will be installed outdoors. A mounting clamp and screw design is required so that the sensor remains aligned. I have seen such an arrangement in many different places but am not sure where to get it made. We have thought of the following options, will really appreciate if you can point out best option: 1. Make it via 3D Printing ? 2. Get a company in china to make it ? 3. Get something off the shelf (not sure if there is anything available to our measure). If you can refer us to the right company or URL, it will be great. Thanks

I have extensive hands on experience in prototyping for startups using 3D printers, micron accuracy computer controlled milling machines, power tools, hand tools, etc.

Here are some pointers:
You can buy your own 3D printer (I'd recommend Afinia:, or you could send your CAD design to to have them print it for you.

If your design can be made from 2 dimensional pieces, then you could also get it made by a laser / water jet cutting place, such as

If you'd like further information about how to do it yourself, other manufacturers, the best CAD software, the limitations of each prototype manufacturing method, or information on the best materials to use for different conditions, send me a message and we can work out a call,

all the best,


Answered 8 years ago

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