I would like suggestions on best platform(s) where I can find or solicit (not hire) affiliates or JV partners for expanding my Wikipedia page creation program. The program targets celebrities and individuals / corps with news coverage, so the affiliates that would target them are also supposed to have either similar contacts or the ability to devise a marketing plan for such a situation and collaborate on it. As this is a service and not a product, marketplace websites are not in consideration. Instead I am looking for networks to talk to great affiliate marketers directly and independently form each partnership.

You would promote this like any other way, through such as your personal social networks online, build a reputable LinkedIn network, attend and present chamber of commerce meetings, rotary clubs, etc. if be interested in something like this. I actually think I had one before but might have gotten removed. Consider situations like mine for improving your service perhaps helping guaranteeing that pages will stay up.
I used to help curate W so I know that others can evaluate your pages and flag down... Message me if you want to share with me how you do this...

Answered 7 years ago

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