Where do I find a co-founder to join my team?

Anyone know where I can find a co founder with different skills than mine? I would like like to find someone with experience in fundraising and growing a startup. I'm looking for skilled people to bring on board in order for me and the company to grow.


1) Look up local universities and email the chairperson of whichever programs relate to the type of cofounder you need (i.e. electrical engineering, marketing, etc.). You could even possibly go there in person and put up a sign on a bulletin board.
2) There may be relevant Meetups in your area, go there and network with attendees (
3) If you're specifically looking for engineers, look up local 'hacker' / maker spaces that may exist in your area (see here:

Send me a message if you want to discuss more options and how to access them,

all the best,


Answered 3 years ago

Why do you want a co-founder?

Giving away equity is foolish. Read How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis to find out why if you don't know.

Better to hire someone and pay them a one-time salary.

If you don't have cashflow to pay a salary, you should ask yourself why anyone would want to come work for free, on a wing and a prayer that you're going to be profitable. They have other things to do with a much greater chance of success.

Answered 3 years ago

What type of CoFounder do you need? What's his/her role for your team?

I'm all for building a team if that's what you need. NOT having a CoFounder just to say you have one. FORGET that how to get rich nonsense. Investors especially want to see you can get someone else onboard before they take you serious.

I would recommend networking at local startup events. Hackathons are huge for finding tech cofounders. You could source talent at universities and colleges.

Also there are sites you could try like and which also host events in your area.

Feel free to give me a call for more ideas OR connect with me on LinkedIn 😉

Answered 3 years ago

A co-founder is really a necessity these days as there is so much work to do and speed of execution is so important.. that one person on their own is at a real disadvantage.

Combine this with starting a business being really hard with many huge ups and downs.. a co-founder helps bring you up then you're down.

I've built 2 businesses with a co-founder and 2 without and would choose the former EVERY time.

In terms of where to find them, I'd consider a few sources:

1: Contact people you've worked with in some capacity before and got on well with, even if they're in a job (you never know what they're planning to do next)

2: Use Linkedin to find people in companies or with skills you have identified you need and just reach out.

3: Consider joining programs such as Entrepreneur First ( if you're in the UK - which specialise in taking technical talent and matching them with co-founders before the idea and business is formed.

4: By all means go to startup events and hackathons and network around - although I've never found this an optimal use of time.

Once you've found someone that might fit the bill - suggest you work together on a specific task or project for a few weeks and see how you get on. If you're being productive and enjoying the time together - keep doing it. Else don't be afraid to break it up and try again.. better to have no cofounder than the wrong one.

Answered 3 years ago

My favorite place is to go to where the experts hang out - I usually need a co-founder who is an expert in their subject matter, and I take care of everything else.

Best place I've had success with? reddit.

Mind you, I'm no interloper; I've been part of reddit for over 9 years. I just join the relevant subreddits, see what people are seeing, and slowly but surely I figure out who the even-keeled intelligent people are.

I then reach out and take it from there...

Answered 3 years ago

There is a great website dedicated to finding a co-founder

I am personally a member and have met some very talented people through the site including my co-founder for a project I am working on. It allows you to search for the type of person you need in your start-up based on their particular skills.

Answered 3 years ago

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